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WHITE T® - tooth whitening treatment
WHITE T® - tooth whitening treatment
WHITE T® - tooth whitening treatment
WHITE T® - tooth whitening treatment

WHITE T® - tooth whitening treatment

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  • Our customers recommend this treatment because it's very easy to use and in just one week of use the results are already clearly visible;
  • Based on plant charcoal and natural substances that protect the teeth by removing only what yellow them;
  • Eliminates sources of bad breath and leaves a good taste of mint;
  • The whitening power of activated charcoal is well known and used in beauty treatments;
  • Very easy to use, leaves a pleasant flavour

This whitening treatment for the teeth is easy to use and really effective at a very low cost if we think that the dental whitening at the dentist costs at least € 300.00 and it's not permanent.


You just have to gently spread the black "paste" on the whole dental arch, wait a few minutes for the charcoal to activate and then gently brush the surface of the teeth removing the whole. In a few days you will begin to see the first tangible and concrete results already.


The treatment must be repeated for at least a month to obtain an optimal result, the teeth should be washed with this special cream at least 2 times a day. Brush gently, no vigorous rubbing.


The treatment is ideal for removing stains of coffee or other drinks but also the ones left by cigarette smoke.


  • Materials: gel composed of officinal herbs and active plant carbons;
  • Natural formula: does not contain sulphates, fluorides or artificial colors

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