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Reusable film for fresh food
Reusable film for fresh food
Reusable film for fresh food
Reusable film for fresh food

Reusable film for fresh food

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Why you should buy it: this reusable film is a revolutionary product, it is reusable and will make everyday life easier by changing your way of preserving food! Film-Freshness is not a food film like any other. It will revolutionize your way of cooking and preserving your food.

With the reusable and economical Fresh Film you can:

- Save Money

No longer need to buy rolls and rolls of transparent film, the different sizes allow you to store any kind of food.

- Apply ecological solutions

Do not throw tons of film for food into the trash once it is used, your Freshness Film is reusable for ever.

- Save time

Tired of cooking every night? Prepare delicious food on weekends, store it and enjoy it during the week!

Reusable Film is an easy, fast, ecological and economical way to keep food and cooked dishes. Made of silicone, you can give it any shape to keep your food crisp, fresh and always delicious.

Composition: RTV 3428 food silicone, resistant, 100% hygienic and elastic.

Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 30cm

How does it work?

The Film extends up to three times its size and adheres to any container.

To use it, nothing simpler: just stretch it to make it a bit bigger than the container size, then stick it to the edges of the container. Last step: just press to get the air out and keep the food cool.

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Shipping Times:

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