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Nutcracker with spring
Nutcracker with spring
Nutcracker with spring

Nutcracker with spring

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Why you should buy it: it's a nutcracker with a spring system; just put the bad nut in the steel bowl, take the spring and stretch it according to the needs thanks to the knob and then leave it, thus destroying the nut shell.


- Steel bowl to keep the nut in place and protect the support plate in the package;
- The helical spring tightens up to a plastic knob, useful to pull it simply;
- Thanks to its operation it will also avoid the annoying scattering of the shell fragments, in fact they will remain in the bowl;
- The longer the spring will stretch the more the power of the stroke;
- Innovative system to open walnuts but not only, including peanuts, almonds or any small dry fruit;
- Dimensions: 6.5 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height (with spring at rest);


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