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Electronic Thermometer for Fever
Electronic Thermometer for Fever
Electronic Thermometer for Fever

Electronic Thermometer for Fever

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Why you should buy it: the electronic infrared thermometer is able to measure body temperature without any contact. Ideal for measuring the temperature of children who don't like to stand the classic 5 minutes to detect the temperature with the classic thermometer. Do not run the risk of hazardous mercury spills as with classic thermometers. You can measure the temperature of any object, useful also in the kitchen.


- It switches off after 15 seconds of inactivity

- Energy-saving and environmental protection

- Conversion of temperature units from degrees C ° to Farenheit

- Quick and precise

- Powered by 2x1.5 AAA battery (not included)

- Match automatically the last 32 measurement groups

- Perfect for the whole family, especially for your kids

- Material: ABS

- Technical specifications

- 2 modes of measurement: body temperature and temperature objects

- Body temperature mode: 32-42.9 C °

- Object temperature mode: 0-100 degrees C °

- The measurement accuracy varies based on measurable extremes (room temperature at 25 ° C)

• 0-31.9 Deg C: ± 5 degrees C °
• 32-42.9Deg.C: ± 0.2 degrees C °
• 43.0-100 Deg C: ± 1.5 degrees C °

- Measuring time: about 2 seconds

- Distance detection: 5-15 cm

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