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Body Up® - Posture Support
Body Up® - Posture Support
Body Up® - Posture Support
Body Up® - Posture Support
Body Up® - Posture Support
Body Up® - Posture Support
Body Up® - Posture Support

Body Up® - Posture Support

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  • Automatic posture correction;
  • All-day comfort technology;
  • Unisex, easy to hide under your clothes;
  • Hours of work without pain


Why should I buy this product? Do you have a job that requires you to sit down for long time? Do you have to work in front of a computer all day long? Do not worry! Body Up® posture support will be the solution to all your problems: it will help you stay straight, in a correct posture. All people who spend their days sitting or working at the computer often suffer of chronic back and neck pain. This is the main cause of the incorrect posture we tend to take. This support can prevent you from bad postures and long-term muscle soreness. In addition, it features 10 magnetic buttons sewn inside that will keep your body's energy flowing.


  • Automatic postural correction - With exclusive "Tense Fit" technology, Body Up® helps you to correct your posture automatically. Tensors are designed to straighten you up immediately;
  • All-day comfort technology - Provides a comfortable fit for men, women and young adults of all ages and body types;
  • Unisex - Body Up® is for men and women;
  • Easily hide it under clothes - Body Up® can be hidden under a t-shirt, sweater or jacket. Nobody will notice it.
  • Goodbye to muscle soreness - keep everything under control thanks to our exclusive "Keep Fit" technology, with 10 magnetic buttons inserted in the back and shoulder area of the support;
  • Hours of work without pain -  work for hours in front of the computer and you will never feel any pressure on your back or spine;
  • Built-in magnets to keep your energy flowing - Integrated with small magnets on your back, Body Up® will give you a burst of energy! ;
  • Suitable for all sizes - all life long (from 65 to 120 cm)

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