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Blouse for toned and lean arms!
Blouse for toned and lean arms!
Blouse for toned and lean arms!
Blouse for toned and lean arms!

Blouse for toned and lean arms!

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  • Designed in technical compression material;
  • Support, comfort and perfect fit;
  • Slims down the natural line of your arms;
  • Suitable for any sleeveless dress;
  • Toned and lean appearance, concealing wrinkles, imperfections and flaccidity


Why should I buy this product? Finally a way to hide that unpleasant flaccidity under the arms (in addition to wrinkles, scars and imperfections), getting a slim and elegant appearance! This transparent and light blouse (with frontal opening) can be worn and matched with any sleeveless dress. The special compression material it's made of keeps the tone and the slim line of the young arms.Increase your confidence when wearing shirts, t-shirts and vests with the help of this little secret trick. The blouse is comfortable, light and helps to create a toned and lean appearance concealing wrinkles, imperfections and flaccidity.


  • Materials: compression spandex
  • Sensation: ultralight and sustaining
Size (cm) Bust Lenght
M 86-96 140
L 98-106 142
XL 108-116 144

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