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WelMag Bio Heart®  - Energetic therapeutic bracelet
WelMag Bio Heart®  - Energetic therapeutic bracelet
WelMag Bio Heart®  - Energetic therapeutic bracelet

WelMag Bio Heart® - Energetic therapeutic bracelet

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This bracelet is recommended by athletes and health enthusiasts!

🔘 Neodymium magnet: regulates and reduces blood pressure and relieves unwanted pain in all parts of your body!

🔴 Far infrared: increases cellular energy, improves metabolism and helps people suffering from circulatory problems.

⚫️ Tourmaline: anti-radiation and anti-fatigue, long-term effects and reduces inflammation.

⚪️Negative ion: also known as "air vitamin", it increases the functioning of breathing and the immune system.


You will feel better with this therapeutic energy bracelet. With its magnetic hematite beads, it will help your body to relieve pain, fatigue and to improve blood circulation. Wearing it will take the electromagnetic field of computers / phones away from you.



✔︎ Resistant to rust;

✔︎ It can be simply adjusted with the appropriate tool;

The therapeutic energy bracelet can increase the body's healing process, regulate blood pressure and erectile dysfunction and also helps prevent dysmenorrhoea.

  • Hook buckle: easy to wear;
  • It gives you an elegant appearance;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Length: 21 cm;
  • Note: not suitable for patients with pacemakers or who have undergone cardiac surgery operations;

All these strong elements will help you reduce stress, improve and strengthen your body and your stamina, lower depression, protect yourself from aging problems and improve sleep quality

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