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Tank Top® - shaping vest
Tank Top® - shaping vest
Tank Top® - shaping vest
Tank Top® - shaping vest
Tank Top® - shaping vest

Tank Top® - shaping vest

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  • Wide shoulder straps to reduce pressure on the shoulders;
  • Thoracic wrap support, to reduce excess of movement of the vest;
  • Super elastic material to shape and highlight your curves;
  • Support for non-wired bust to ensure comfort


Why should I choose this product? Do you care about your appearance when you go out for an evening? You do not feel wering your favorite clothes anymore because you're afraid of the signs of age? Then this shaping vest is the perfect solution for you! Tank Top® slims and lifts in areas where it is needed.

Go out without worrying, go to dinner, work or just take a woalk in the city to shopping.

It is available in a wide range of sizes to adapt to any size (please refer to our size chart).

 (cm)   US    EU    UK   Length   Bust
   S     4     32    8      55  75-85
   M     6     34    10      56  86-95
   L     8     36    12      57  96-102
   XL    10     38    14      58 103-110
   XXL    12     40    16      61 111-120

You'll never feel uncomfortable again because with this incredible shaping and slimming jersey you'll always have a great look! A modern product for a modern woman who wants always to look her best!


  • Made of synthetic material: 80% nylon + 20% spandex;
  • Removable pectoral pads (pads);
  • Sizes: S / M / L / XL;
  • Color: Black / White / Beige

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